Inspirational Sites on the Web
Nurturing the Now - A way of living in the present with peace and optimism.
Spiritual Development Links - Articles, Web Resources and nearly 1300 Websites, from Self Improvement Online
Self Improvement Online - Truly the best Spiritual and Personal Growth website on the planet!
Life Support System - Daily Inspiration with a dash of humor, from the Steve Goodier!
Powerquotes - daily inspiration and motivation from Kevin Eikenberry
Vantagepoints - monthly motivational/inspirational article and more! Also by Kevin Eikenberry
Gary Zukav's excellent site
Wisdom Seekers - by Tula Hanneman
Robert Burney on Codependence
All things Oprah!
The Creativity Pool - find your spirit of creativity and inspiration.
One World Flag - Honoring the talents, abilities and uniqueness in each of us... as strengths that can benefit all of us.

Creative and Eclectic Sites on the Web
(The Gotta-See-Em-At-Least-Once Category!)
The End of the Web - Time to call it a night. It's 3:00am, go to bed!
Websurfer Fan's Site
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Ugliest Sites on the Web
The Interositor
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Bad Sites from people who should know better
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Search the Web
Web Taxi
Alta Vista

Starting Points
WWW Home Page
Cool Site of the Day
NCSA Starting Points
Cybertown: very visual!

Places to go, things to do!
Dave DiSisto's Entertainment and Information Source Guide - Hours of browsing possibilities!
Cool Site of the Day
The WWW Virtual Library
Whois, White Pages, etc.
NCSA Meta Index
The Electronic Newsstand
E-Zine Universe
Glass Wings
Computers and Communications Company Search
The Yellow Pages.Com
The Starting Point

Type Resources
Edward Johnston page
Graphion's Type Museum!

Web Authoring
Hot Scripts Library
Web Monkey Design
EverSoft 3.0 - FREE! HTML Editor

Web-related sites

The Internet Index
Web Yellow Pages
Web Marketing and Statistics
The History of the Web

Web Statistics
Pacific Data Resources
Yahoo's Demographics

Reference Shelf: Web
Browser Statistics
Copyright Page
Carl de Cordova
More HTML Docs
Netscape Extensions to HTML
Meta-Resources all you need to get started.
U Washington WWW Resources
A Good Mac FTP Site
More Mac FTP Stuff
BBEdit Everything
Server-Side Includes and other UNIX stuff
The HTML 3.0 Spec
Best Secrets
The Bandwidth Conservation Society
ID LOGIC World Time Clock
The Barebones Guide to HTML
HTML 3.0 Reference Source
More Mac ftp sites
Macintosh Netscape Help Site
Yale Med School Design Guidelines
Gif vs JPEG
Internet Access Provider FAQ

Web Design Services
Atomic Vision
Heather Champ's Cool Graphics
Digital Planet Design
Vivid Studios
Haywood and Sullivan
The Graphics Exchange
Beverly Hills Internet
Graphic Communications
Clement Mok Designs
Michel Milano
Jon Hudson
Art and Science
Advertising Professionals OnLine
Avalanche Systems
The Richards Group
Holland Mark Martin
Berman Unger
Planet Interactive

Web Service Providers
The Well
The Internet Channel
A list of SF Bay Area service providers

Web Tools
HTML Editor by EverSoft - it's FREE!
A good access Counter for your Web site
Mac Web Tools
Imagesize: automatically adds WIDTH and HEIGHT tags
Grabnet: Cool tools
First Floor
Open Market Site Tools

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