The Golden Storehouse of the Subconscious Mind

Infinite riches are all around you if you will open your mental eyes and behold the treasure house of infinity within you. There is a gold mine within you from which you can extract everything you need to live life gloriously, joyously, and abundantly.
--Joseph Murphy

Did you figure out who Rumplestiltskin really was? He was the miller's daughter's subconscious mind. "You can bring into your life more power, more wealth, more health, more happiness and more joy by learning to contact and release the hidden power of your subconscious mind," than any wizard could ever conjure, Joseph Murphy tells us in his classic work on metaphysical principles, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Just as there are two sides of the brain, there are two spheres to our minds. The conscious mind is where reason resides and the subconscious, or deeper mind, is where our emotions and creativity dwell.

"The main point to remember is once the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it begins to execute it," Dr. Murphy explains. "It works by association of ideas and uses every bit of knowledge that you have gathered in your lifetime to bring about its purpose. It draws on the infinite power, energy, and wisdom within you. It lines up all the laws of nature to get its way. Sometimes it seems to bring about an immediate solution to your difficulties, but at other times it may take days, weeks or longer... Its ways are past finding out."

In the fable Rumplestiltskin, the cycle of creation begins with the command given to the subconscious mind. For dreams to be called forth to the physical plane, a declaration must be made: "My daughter can spin straw into gold."

Sometimes the task we agree to take on seems virtually impossible. We think we don't have the time, talent, resources, or support to achieve it. But we are intrigued by the possibilities, just as the king is captivated by the thought of more wealth. Our authentic longings embolden us to obey the command: spin the straw into gold or suffer the consequences. Let the dream die, and with it will die the authentic life for which we long.

So we try to spin our straw, using all the skills of our rational mind - our reasoning, our experience, our craft. But when we rely solely on reason to manifest dreams, all we end up with is straw. However, we have a strange creative collaborator who knows how to spin straw into gold. It is Rumplestiltskin, our subconscious mind. Instead of a necklace or a ring, we surrender pride and control of the dream. Instead of our firstborn child, we surrender our ego; we admit we cannot do it alone. We must give the order to our subconscious to work it out, then slip into a creative slumber in order that the subconscious mind can go to work on our behalf.

When you are creating and you find yourself stuck, let go and turn it over to the Deeper Wisdom dwelling beyond your reasoning. When you are perplexed, you need to ask the subconscious to take over, preferably at night. In the morning, the answer should be forthcoming. But if it's not, continue asking questions before you go to sleep. How do I proceed? How do I spin my straw into gold? Tell your subconscious mind to awaken you with the answer. By the third morning - three is a very mystical number - the answers should start to be revealed.

Amazingly, when we harness the incredible power of the subconscious in our lives, we can accomplish whatever we set out to do, no matter what obstacles we have to overcome. Hold the vision of the completed dream in your mind. See your heart's desire. Feel the thrill of accomplishment. Offer grateful thanks in advance. Don't ask how it will come to pass, just know that it will. Now go to work.

Today, prepare to evolve from a poor miller's daughter into a queen [or for you guys, from a miller's son into a king]. In your heart, mind and soul, be willing to turn it over to Infinite Intelligence. Get out of the way, name the source of your Power, and begin to spin straw into gold.

-Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance - A Daybook of Comfort and Joy©1995

Oh, the comfort - the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts, nor measure words - but pouring them all right out - just as they are - chaff and grain together - certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them - keep what is worth keeping - and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.
--Dinah Maria Mulock Craik

When one thinks of the Golden Rule, it seems simple enough. Deal with others with the same kindness and understanding that we expect from them. This becomes especially important in times of distress. There are too many people in the world whose attachment to someone is confined to the day of their friend's prosperity. Fair-weather friends, who are around as long as the prosperity continues, appearing to be affectionate and cordial. But once the clouds begin to form, they begin to withdraw and separate their interests. Their heart was never in it, for the greatest test of friendship is constancy in the hour of adversity, adherence in the season of distress.

When those who are close to you find their life becoming difficult, that is the time to openly espouse their cause. When their situation is changed, or misfortunes are gathering about them, then is the time to afford them prompt and zealous aid and comfort. When sickness or infirmity overcomes them, and others neglect them, that is the time to redouble the genuine affection which love suggests. This is an important duty, the sacred claim of friendship, which every religion and virtue suggests to the worthy mind. To step up to this obligation commands respect and esteem, even from those who oppose your friend - or you.

According to the poet George H. Free, we would be uncomfortable with God living across the street, or next door to us so that we would meet Him daily. And so, in wisdom and love, He sends angels to us in the form of friends, to help us share the load. Our choice of friends may have a great deal to do with the Path that is ours, and may provide reciprocal comfort and support to someone else whose Path is to work out some of the same difficulties or share the same joys as yourself. Friendships wax and wane, going through cycles through the years, trailing off when one outgrows the other. Some friendships last a lifetime.

I am grateful for those who stayed with me when things were difficult, and I am grateful for the opportunities that my friendships with others provides me. Today, reach out to your friends. Let yourself enjoy the comfort, the joy of enduring friendships. Practice patience, kindness and understanding, and it will be reflected back to you.

As for me, my bride (who is also one of my very best friends) and I are vacationing in the Bahamas this week. We are celebrating our first anniversary! Have a warm, safe and happy Thanksgiving. Get started on your Christmas shopping. It is just over a month away!



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