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It's a funny thing about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it.
The great blessings of mankind are within us, and within our reach; but we shut our eyes and, like people in the dark, fall short of the very thing we search for without finding it.

I can always do good, and I often could do better. What will help me to do my best?

Entrée: Your Best Foot Forward by David Pines
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To put his best foot forward, the Individual must first select the principle under which his motives, acts, thoughts and intents are to be focused. For example, I want to be a constructive influence among my fellow life-travelers so I choose a smile instead of a frown; a friendly greeting instead of a cold impassiveness. I am putting a deposit into my account of "character credits." But I may also effect a withdrawal by intentionally doing something I know to be questionable in terms of my standard of right/wrong. So be it. In our quest for improvement, we may step off the path or go back for whatever reason. However, if the overall intent is constructive and the Individual seeks to add more credit to his account than what he withdraws, he can intelligently move forward, gaining precious experience, which becomes the impetus for his greatest step forward.

Not everything we say, do, feel or think will be constructive, but all of these will find a place in the Individual's Character Checking Account, either (+) or (-). Putting your best foot forward means monitoring your personal account - never mind someone else's - and everything counts.

If we want a higher standard, we must be willing to work for it and be patient with the work. No free offers to lasting happiness; no trial subscriptions. Balance: remember the word; it is Nature's fundamental characteristic and a guidepost for productive, healthy living. As you review your life-long Personal Behavior Account, try to keep it balanced. When you borrow from the account, remember to repay willingly, if not in kind, then in amount. Society is watching the stock markets. Individuals are watching their savings accounts. Don't forget to monitor your Character Account, too. In the long run, it will be more important then the daily fluctuations recorded by Dow-Jones. A careless, selfish choice or decision with no regard for balance is the forecast of uneven results - a good day one day compensated by too many bad ones, leaving the Individual with a heavy conscience and much (too much) unsettling food for thought - too many "Why did it happen?"

To place your best foot forward, to achieve a higher standard, pick your principle and build your character by putting a list together of all the most constructive, inspiring, uplifting unselfish behaviors you know. Take one such behavior and put it in action for a day or longer. Monitor the results. If constructive, the results will be satisfying and substantial, and the more constructive behaviors applied, the more knowledgeable and secure you will be on your own upward path.

Some suggestions:

  1. Transmute excessive ambition to unselfish service, and sacrifice, as appropriate.
  2. Turn impulsive anger into uplifting humor.
  3. Upgrade your desires to a spiritual level.
  4. Listen to the wisdom of others but find yourself within yourself.
  5. Seek to realize a unity of place, space and time - a unity of yourself with all there is.
  6. Simplify complex issues.
  7. Find knowledge and truth through your own experiences. They are your customized lessons to learn from.
  8. Practice self-control and moderate action. Put acts, emotions and thoughts under their jurisdiction.
  9. Respect Nature and appreciate her varied and enduring beauty.
  10. Even if surrounded by resentment and hate, keep yourself free of these character-destroying parasites. Convert wasteful energy to genuine tolerance and cheerful patience. Constructive behaviors endure. All else perishes.

About the author:

David Pines is a staff writer for Life In Action, published by The Great School of Natural Science. The School is an organization of men and women devoted to the study and application of natural laws as these function and operate in all realms of life. It has students in many countries of the world. The general purpose is to conduct a work of education along moral, ethical and spiritual lines, as outlined in textbooks known as the Harmonic Series. The specific Purpose is to help individuals live in harmony with the Constructive Principle in Nature. The School makes no charge for its Instruction. It is a gift to all who qualify to receive it.

Second Helping: The Four Agreements: #4 - Do Your Best by Don Miguel Ruiz
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You should always do your best, no matter what. Sometimes your best will be better then at other times. Sometimes you'll feel more capable and able and other times you will feel less, but no matter what you should still do your best. Not better and not less.

If you try to do more than your best you will end up wasting a lot of energy. If you do less your quality of life will decline. When you do your best all the time you'll gradually grow.

There was once a man who wanted to attain enlightenment. He asked the master how long it would be to enlightenment if he mediated 4 hours a day. He master said that it would take 10 years. He then asked the master how long it would take to obtain enlightenment if he mediated 8 hours a day. The master said it might take 20 years. When the man inquired as to why it would take longer to obtain enlightenment if he mediated more the master replied: 'You are not here to sacrifice your life. If you can do your best in 2 hours and you spend 8 hours meditating you will grow tired and miss the point'.

When you do your best you do things because you want to do them and not because you have to. If you only work because you want a paycheck then everything becomes more difficult. Work becomes frustrating and a struggle. If you do something because you want to, rather then expecting a return at the end, then you will enjoy what you are doing and will get more out of life.

If you are enjoying what you are doing then it doesn't feel like work to do your best. Whereas if you are doing something only because you have to then it is very difficult to do your best at it.

The other 3 agreements will only work if you do your best at them. The more you do your best, the better you become. Sometimes you might break your word or take something personally, but don't judge yourself, just agree to keep doing your best.

About the author:

The above is an excerpt from The Four Agreements. Sit at the foot of a native elder and listen as great wisdom of days long past is passed down. In The Four Agreements, shamanic teacher and healer Don Miguel Ruiz exposes self-limiting beliefs and presents a simple yet effective code of personal conduct learned from his Toltec ancestors. Get a one-page PDF document of The Four Agreements by sending an email to - or, to purchase this book online visit Amazon.Com

Soup to Nuts: From the Feedback Button
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Chris DeSantis, an employee of the LDS (Mormon) Church Office, sent feedback to correct the attribution of the Gordon B. Hinckley quote in one of the back issues ("he actually was quoting Jenkin Lloyd Jones, and he said so during the talk"), and asked for a little background on the ol' webmaster/resident writer/head chef & bottlewasher. In one exchange, we were discussing our individual, and therefore unique, belief systems, how we came to have that belief system, and how one size doesn't fit all.

"My own family's religious history looks like a yo-yo," he wrote, "with my staunch pioneer (former Anglican) forefathers spawning Latter-day Saints turned Unitarians (my grandparents), agnostics (my parents), First Vanilla Synagogue of Ortho-Lutha-Presby-Catholeterians [reformed Mishmoshians] turned Latter-Day Saint (myself), and Latter-Day Saints turned Gay Wiccan (my daughter).

"For me, the Latter-day Saint gospel fits. For others, it don't. All I know is that I don't know anything, and I see people find peace and happiness in an amazing Smörgåsbord of ecclesiastical, domestic, and societal situations. I just re-watched Ben Kingsley's portrayal of Gandhi... 'live simply that others might simply live' seems like a pretty good philosophy to me if you want to get down to the basics."

"You have a gift with words," I ventured. "Care to contribute an inspirational article? I would welcome it."

"As for an inspirational article, I'm pretty swamped right now with about three different 'full-time' jobs, but if I can kill off a few alligators I'll let you know." He signed his writing with the tagline, "I bhfad uainn go léir an drochrud... [far from us all be the evil thing] - Myles na gCopaleen, from The Poor Mouth"

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Main Course: How Overaccomplishment Can Become Underachievement
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I have learned the difference between accomplishment and achievement. Accomplishment is getting a task out of the way, off the list. Achievement is the successful completion of a task by putting forth my best effort. There is a difference in these two things, like the difference between done and completed.

When the pressure is on to do, do, do... I can accomplish. I get things done. I did so by lowering my expectations to meet my performance.

Things that need to be done will get only as much attention as they need in order to check them off the list, so I can rush off to the next thing screaming for my attention. Such half-hearted efforts may not be the best laid plan, in the long run. This way of doing things is referred to as crisis mode- or squeaky-wheel task management.

You've likely heard the old saying, "If you don't take the time to do it right, you'll have to take the time to do it over." My mom said that. Didn't yours? That's called a "momily."

Looking back, I can recall many days in my life that were difficult because I tried to accomplish too much in one day. There was no satisfaction in a day's work done well, only that I had "done good" by getting everything wrapped up. I knew that some things got less attention than others, that some work was better than others. There was a sense of accomplishment, but it was empty without that feeling of success in all that I had done. How many of those tasks could have been set aside for a time when more care and attention to detail could be offered to the job at hand? Would the world come to an end if this or that didn't get done?

Rather than leave a task half-heartedly done and waiting for someone else to polish it off, I can do the best I can in every task until it is completed and not just done, no matter how menial and unimportant it may seem at the time. No one learns more about a problem than the person in the proverbial trenches, down where the rubber hits the road. And no one is better suited to the task than me, otherwise it would be someone else wrestling with it. Right? Well, maybe not. But, what better opportunity could I ask for, in order to learn and grow, than to be challenged by a hands-on situation?

Instead of just doing the minimum necessary to accomplish a task, I can apply myself to the job using all of the skills and knowledge, all the tools I have at my disposal. My work is thus performed with the idea that I will do my best, or I will find the right person for the task and learn by helping them do it, insisting that they teach me the best way they know to do the task while assisting my learning with my own insight, ideas and inspiration. I will have achieved instead of just accomplished.

In doing my best each day at every task, my life acquires a rather satisfying sense of overall success as a result. What more could I ask of myself? God isn't interested in what I have done, but how successfully I have applied my values and beliefs in the process of doing those things. Did I do good? Wonderful! Did some things get done better than others? Bravo! Did I do my best? I had better have an answer for that one, eh?

Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality. According to Oprah Winfrey, "Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment." Great! I don't have to do my best forever, just for this moment... I can achieve that.

Michael Rawls, Friday's Inspiration © 2003

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