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We are all visionaries, and what we see is our soul in things.

·    Henri Amiel, Journal

What is your vision? How is this vision communicated to inspire you and your organisation? You don't have a clear and powerful vision? Join the club. When I'm working with individuals, I've noticed that generally they fall into two distinct categories regarding having a strong vision. Either they've never really had the opportunity to understand the concept of having or defining their vision. Or they have a vision statement because they think they 'should'. Remember, 'shoulds' represent other people's expectations and therefore not things to which you a personally committed.

The one thing I've noticed in my work is that very few individuals or organisations really harness the power generated by a strong vision. Clear definition of your vision acts as a magnet to pull you forward in the direction you truly want to take. Your vision provides inspiration for you and, if communicated well to your team or organisation, inspires them too.

What do you refer to when you want to make decisions, when you have to decide which opportunities to say 'yes' or 'no' to, or which direction to go with your business? When you have a strong vision in place and refer to it regularly, it helps to resolve the conflict which can occur within you.

Teams or organisations who have a powerful vision, inspire individuals to pull together. It's so much easier for everyone when they all know clearly where they're heading.

Many organisations publish mission statements but often, these hold no real meaning for the individuals within the organisation. A strong vision and a clear mission statement go together like 'bread and butter'. The components of a mission statement stem from having a clear vision to start the process. Individuals and organisations can define their mission and purpose with more meaning and clarity if they are provided with a powerful vision. A strong vision challenges people to achieve more and encourages them to think 'out of the box'. It inspires you and the people you work with.

Your vision is unique to you and will vary from individual to individual. It propels you forward naturally, rather than relying on motivation alone, which doesn't usually last. A vision helps to keep you on track and focused on where you're heading. What I want for you is a vision which grabs you so strongly that it stretches you way beyond your current position. I've found that with a strong vision there isn't the need to strive so hard and the energy required doesn't drain you so much. It allows you to focus on your achievements in the present because a vision doesn't have an end which you reach, like a goal. The energy generated by a vision is much healthier and requires less of a struggle. A vision draws on your natural energy which comes from within you because this is where your vision sits. When aligned with your values, a vision and a mission statement feel truly yours and right for you. In short, a perfect fit.

If you have a vision for your organisation, I encourage you to consider this. If 3 of your top employees were asked to share your vision, would they be able to? If not, what would it take to communicate this throughout the organisation? What benefits do you see for your employees in clearly understanding your vision?

Many times, people say "I wish", but unfortunately wishing alone rarely makes things happen. However, a strong vision can really accomplish a great deal, and often more than you'd dared to dream of.

What I want is for you to define a strong vision and a mission statement. Are you ready to do this?
Wendy Hearn, this week's guest author

- Wendy Hearn, Personal and Professional Coach

About the Author

Wendy is an entrepreneur who loves assisting others with their success through coaching, writing and speaking. She lives in Milton Keynes in the UK with her 2 daughters, aged 7 & 9. She works with clients internationally and believes that life is for living and having fun. Her focus is on what works for clients and to assist them to eliminate what doesn’t work in their life. She believe that coaching is about assisting a client to learn to make better decisions, rather than about giving advice. Although she may give advice if asked, she encourages individuals to look at the choices, explore all options, and she offers her support in making decisions. Visit her website at www.Business-Personal-Coaching.com.

Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.

·    Robert Fulghum

The recent birth of my adorable nieces who currently weigh in at approximately 4 plus pounds each brought about a state of critical reflection for me.

I think most people would agree that we live in a time of lightning speed changes. And with all of the economic uncertainty and the troubling social and political times we are facing in the world things can feel pretty darn scary. Throughout my life I have experienced both the bitter and the sweet, the joy and the sorrow, but to Aaliyah Winter and Amirah Faith I say in a resounding voice that despite it all life is, indeed, good!

Let me share with the two of you my 20 secrets for living an optimum life:
1. Strive to always remain optimistic - look on the brighter side of things
2. Respect and treat others the way you would like to be respected and treated. Be caring, considerate and empathic to others
3. No matter what, make your health care a top priority. Always nourish your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being
4. Value education, not only formal education but informal as well. Read lots, be a good listener and attain knowledge
5. Each day, make time for prayer and forever seek God's guidance. Take nothing for granted and maintain a grateful heart
6. Pay homage to your ancestors and remember to respect elders. Also, never get too busy to spend time with the elders in your life
7. Constantly discover ways for self-improvement. Exercise self-discipline, determination and appropriateness
8. Be a visionary - live your dreams. Choose Faith over Fear
9. Avoid toxic and negative people. Surround yourself with people who are hopeful, positive and possess a renewing spirit
10. Maintain a "light-heart," for laughter is good for the soul and humor is healing
11. Respect Mother Earth and do your part to preserve her beauty
12. Be charitable - share your time, wisdom and material possessions with those who are in need. Take time to give back to your community
13. Employ integrity, courage, atonement and love throughout your entire life. Remember to seek an understanding
14. Explore your creativity - sing, paint, sew, draw, dance, compose, design etc., etc.
15. Be humble and be careful not to demonstrated arrogance and false pride
16. Don't allow anyone to take the "J" from your Joy
17. Seek the wisdom of others and keep an open mind and heart
18. Balance the use of technology in your life - take time out from all of the electronic gadgetry
19. Find ways to help others in their quest for freedom, justice and equality
20. Lastly, always give your Mom and Dad the respect they deserve. Constantly show and express your love to them. Never forget that you were created through love. Make every effort to establish and maintain a healthy and nurturing relationship with them.

So, my precious nieces, I have given you my gift; pearls of wisdom with the hope that you will live rich and fulfilling lives.
Ameenah Lutfee, this week's contributing author

- Ameenah Lutfee

About the Author

Ameenah Lutfee resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and has practiced Optimal Health Habits for over 30 years now. She is the mother of three adult children who are all living healthy and productive lives. In addition to writing, Ameenah has served as an Adult School Instructor, Program Facilitator and has a history of years of ongoing volunteer commitment within her community.

Aside from pursuing her passions for working toward a healthy lifestyle, she also expresses herself artistically through interior accent creations and has exhibited her work throughout the United States. Recently launching her career as an author has inspired her newly completed eBook, Healthy Notions - A Baby Boomer’s Quick & Easy Guide to An Optimum Life, 240 Ways To Look and Feel Great!!!

October brings a lot of changes: in the color of the leaves on the trees and the weather, in three of my daughters' ages (happy birthday Carrie, Sally and Liberty!), in time (spring forward, fall back, and don't forget to change the battery in your smoke detectors!), and this month a new job for me, in a new location. Beginning last October, I have relocated from Portland, to Denver, to Seattle, to Portland, and now back to Seattle. This new job has a great deal of promise, and with it comes a vision of what the next 20 years may be like for me.

Now, where did I misplace MY mission statement? Imagine: the original plan was to optimize my life!

Peace and Light, Michael

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