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The Life That Calls Me
Do you know that disease and death must needs overtake us, no matter what we are doing? What do you wish to be doing when it overtakes you? If you have anything better to be doing when you are so overtaken, get to work at it.
  • Epictetus
Authentic power is being fully engaged in the present moment. It is being creative without limitation. It is enjoying the company of all life. It is caring and being cared for. It is being aware of everything that you are feeling, all of the time. It is living in joy. . . This is the life that calls you.
  • Gary Zukav, The Heart of the Soul
There is something within that motivates me to do better and be better.
How can I define it, understand it, and utilize it to improve my life and the lives of those I love?


Spotlight: Living the Song of Your Soul by Anisa Aven

Christmas day following my high school graduation, I was mischievously eager to announce that I was moving to California. After waiting patiently for the perfect moment, I announced, "I have been accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. I am moving to California to become a professional actress." I braced myself for the inevitable, whirly confrontation. However, I was not prepared for this: “Congratulations! We always knew you'd be moving to California one day." I was dumbfounded! "What? What do you mean you always knew? Why didn't anyone tell me?”

It seemed that everyone but me had accepted and expected my life purpose to include living in California and pursuing an acting career. I simply didn't have the confidence to listen to that little voice inside my heart that everyone else seemed to hear so clearly. All I heard was, "What if I don't make it? What if I'm not pretty enough? What if I fail?”

The words we speak and the thoughts we entertain are either the air that fans or the water that extinguishes the flames of our dreams. Choose wisely and you can create a more conscious, deliberate life; a life in harmony with the song that your soul sings - a life in harmony with your life's purpose.

Our life purpose is always calling us. It's that little whisper we hear when we have an important decision to make. It's that little intuitive inkling that says "yes" when others around us are saying "no." It's that loud emptiness that we feel when we know we've made a decision for all the wrong reasons. Our life purpose is unfolding and guiding us whether we realize it or not and if we listen more intentionally we can hear the song that our soul is singing, calling us, guiding us, encouraging us to courageously and boldly accept the call.

My acceptance into the Academy was not a coincidence but was carefully orchestrated by the Divine. Every event in our lives will ALWAYS be the logical culmination of all that we have desired, dwelled upon and thought about prior to the event.

If you have ever thought to yourself, “I feel like something's missing. I'm supposed to be doing something different with my life”, then you've felt the inner burning sensation that flames over and over in your mind, “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?!”

There is something more, and fortunately, you can intentionally fan the flames by being willing to accept that you are already on the path; by being willing to ask for guidance, and by being willing to listen, act, and trust the process.

When I set out for California, I was certain I would be a famous actress. Then it happened. My theatre history teacher dropped the bomb, “you’re not pretty enough to be a lead actress and you get a C in my class.” I thought surely she’s wrong! Then, the next bomb was dropped when I was cast in my first film: “We’ve changed the script and you have to take off your clothes.” I couldn’t do it.

Five years, six apartments, two fiancées, 4 jobs, and two businesses later, I realized that I didn't want to act.

"Yikes! Now what? Why did I come here if I wasn't supposed to be an actress? This was all wrong. I was on the wrong path this entire time.” I thought.

I now know that acting school was precisely what I required to create the confidence that supports my current speaking, writing and life-coaching career. It was even Divine Intervention that inspired my history teacher to speak her mind, and Divine Intervention that rewrote the script on my one “big break”!

I had no way of knowing that my "calling" was to come later and that first I had to educate and prepare myself. I am so very thankful now. The process and the path were perfect regardless of whether I was able to see it at the time.

You too are already living your life purpose. All that you’ve learned, experienced, and know is already in alignment with your path and purpose. Those hard-knocks that you’ve endured? Part of your life’s purpose. That special talent that you have? Part of your life’s path. That passion that explodes whenever you talk about that certain subject? Part of what you were born to do.

Living the song that our soul sings means harmonizing with our natural inheritance of abundance and peacefully flowing with the exquisite orchestration of life. As we choose to live consciously, boldly, willingly, and courageously - we not only uplift ourselves but we also inspire others to find their path and purpose as well. A world filled with on purpose beings is a world of joy; a world of peace; a world of harmony and prosperity. Listen to the call and help our planet manifest its final victory song - the song of a billion souls singing in harmony with the world's path and purpose.

About the author:

Anisa Aven, this week's Spotlight Author 
Anisa Aven is a Creative Manifesting - Conscious Creation Coach. Want to learn more about manifesting your dreams? Visit and register to receive Anisa's Conscious Creation 101, 5-part e-course on the basics of manifesting. This course is provided at no cost, with your Creative Manifesting ezine subscription!  


A Second Helping: The Joy of Spirit by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

We have all been taught that we will be happy when we: find our soulmate, make money, work at something we love. Or, we will be happy and fulfilled when we have a house, have a child, do service. Yet I have worked with people who have and do all of the above and are still not happy, and I know of people who have little or none of the above and are frequently joyful.

You might try to find your joy with substances such as alcohol or drugs, but I have never met anyone using these substances whose energy was truly joyful. You might try to find your joy through getting love from others, or through sacrificing yourself and caretaking others, but I have never met anyone who was a taker or caretaker who was truly joyful. So, what creates joy?

Joy is not the result of what you do. Rather, you can find your soulmate, make money, work at something you love, have a house, have a child, or do service with or without joy. Joy is a state of being that enters your heart when you are open to learning and taking loving care of yourself.

Joy, like love and truth, is a gift of Spirit. Joy, love and truth enter your being when your heart is open. Joy is the feeling of exuberance and oneness that envelopes you once you have opened to feeling your pain, learning from it, and moving through it. Joy cannot enter your heart when you are protected against your pain. When you protect against your pain, you close your heart to avoid the pain, and joy cannot enter a closed heart. Thus, joy is the result of doing your inner work to learn to keep your heart open.

Sometimes I am amazed by this feeling of joy. I used to think that my joy would come from good things happening outside of myself. I certainly love for good things to happen, but often I find myself feeling great joy even when nothing is happening!

I feel joy when my Inner Child feels loved by me, important to me, cherished by me, seen by me, valued by me. I feel joy when I attend to my wants and needs, saying "no" to others when I mean no, and "yes" to others when I mean yes. I feel joy when my Inner Child feels safe inside, knowing that I am taking care of her, knowing that I am connecting with my spiritual Guidance each moment so that we are not alone.

Joy is your birthright. It's what makes life worth living. Once you taste it, you will want more and more of it. Yet too many people stay stuck in their safety zone, thinking that protecting against pain and trying to get love is what will make them safe and happy. But do you really feel safe inside? Are your protections really working to create safety within? If you are willing to be honest with yourself and see that your protections aren't working, then maybe you will open your heart and embrace your pain, with a deep desire to learn what you may be doing that is causing it, so that you can feel the joy of Spirit.

About the author:

Margaret Paul, this week's Second Helping author 
Margaret Paul, Ph.D. is the best-selling author and co-author of eight books, including "Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?", "Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By My Kids?", "Healing Your Aloneness","Inner Bonding", and "Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By God?" Visit her web site for a FREE Inner Bonding course: or send an email to  


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Feature: Humming Along with a Familiar Tune

In the deepest reaches of my soul there is a constant song. It is not one that is possible to write down on a musical score, as a songwriter and lyricist would do, no never that! It is not a song that will ever be heard aloud from my lips, I am certain, because that would be a poor shadow of its true majesty.

How can I know it, how can I learn of the words and the melody? My inner eyes see only the faintest form and shape; only its vibrations are sensed rather than heard. Would that I could memorize the tune, could I but know the words by rote!

It is a song composed by an inner me, in moments of stillness. It is written upon windless silence, void of the noisiness of the world, buffed and polished by that which is True. It is the orchestration of my dreams and aspirations; it is the soaring harmony of Love, the counterpoise of my innocence with my awakening and my awareness.

It sounds like the booming of thunder and the gentle whispering sigh of a child asleep; the clamor of the hurricane wind and the sweet birdsong in the glen; the crash of cymbals and the softest tinkling of wind chimes; the roar of a waterfall and the unheeded, unheard but constant hum and hiss of the Universe as it expands and expands and expands into infiniteness...

It is Love, Truth, Justice, Compassion, Understanding, and a hundred-thousand other voices singing the Great Concordance in the most perfect of harmonies. It is the voice of The Creator, all around, and there is within me a single string, vibrating in sympathetic resonance.

All I can do is hum along.

My mug
  • Michael Rawls, Friday's Inspiration © 2003

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