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The Creator Within
We create the world in which we live; if that world becomes unfit for human life, it is because we tire of our responsibility.
I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s;
I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.
Feelings, intuition, luck, synchronicity -
are they not simply different manifestations of my own creative energies?

 Spotlight: Boost Your Luck With These 6 Simple Strategies by Vicky White, LifeDesignStrategies

In life some people appear lucky. In Feng Shui it often appears as if things happen by magic for some. Co-incidences seemly appear from nowhere. You're thinking about a new direction for your business and you just happen to be introduced to the perfect person to help you move in that direction. It's tempting to say “what a co-incidence, I was just thinking about that”. When it happens to someone else you might say “They are always lucky”.

Co-incidence? Naturally lucky? I don't think so. I see it as putting out some energy and then being open to synchronicity. And, once you start noticing it - it's everywhere. In Feng Shui you set your intention, anchor that in your environment with an enhancement, and then your job is to get out of your own way and be open to the messages and synchronicity that are occurring around you.

The Bagua is a template we use in feng shui to determine where various aspects of our lives are represented in our homes or offices. For a Bagua Map, Click HERE. The Helpful People area of the Bagua is a favorite of mine. Chance meetings, helpful people appearing from nowhere - just waiting for your energy to reach out. It occurs in all areas of the Bagua, and all parts of your life.

In his book “Luck Factor” Dr Richard Wiseman writes that it’s not magic that is responsible for good or bad fortune, but your own ways of thinking and behaving. Why do some people appear consistently lucky and others consistently unlucky? Wiseman came up with 4 main principles that characterize lucky people:

  1. Lucky people are skilled at creating, noticing and acting on chance opportunities.
  2. They make effective decisions by paying attention to their intuition and gut feelings.
  3. They are sure the future is going to be full of good fortune.
  4. They employ various psychological techniques to cope with, and even thrive upon, the ill fortune that comes their way.

As to why lucky people encounter so many chance opportunities, Wiseman conducted an experiment. He gave newspapers to equal numbers of people who considered themselves lucky, and those who considered themselves unlucky, and asked them to count how many photos were inside. The unlucky people took about 2 minutes to count the photos, while lucky people took only a few seconds. This was because on Page 2 there was a message that read, “Stop counting. There are 43 photographs in this newspaper”. The words were in large print and took up half the page but the unlucky people didn’t tend to see them. They also missed the message in the middle of the page telling them to stop counting, to win $700.

For sure some things happen purely by chance - but if you are the sort of person who consistently encounters bad luck, you have to ask yourself why this is happening. You CAN improve your luck. Here are some tips to help you increase synchronicity and make the most of it when it happens:

  1. Get very clear about your intention and create environments that inspire you. Surround yourself with what you need to work your best – a clutter free environment, music, inspiring people.
  2. Be open to new experiences.
  3. Build your intuitive abilities by clearing your mind of other thoughts - for example, meditating, journaling, and trusting your intuition and acting on it.
  4. Even in the face of failure, see it as part of the process. Often when you look back you can see how that experience was a necessary part of your journey. If you resist your experiences it makes it more difficult to move on. It is easier to embrace them when you know there is a reason, even if you can’t see it right now.
  5. Don't dwell on ill fortune - take control of the situation.
  6. Work with a coach - it will help you make the most of your experiences - the good and the seemly bad. You will be amazed at what is going on in your life once you tune in!

These are the actions lucky people take - how about you?

About the author:

Vicki White, this week's Spotlight Author 
Vicky White is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Life Coach who works with clients to create harmonious and inspiring environments that empower them to live harmonious and BIG lives. One of her strengths is seeing connections: between our inner selves and our environments, and between energy and what we manifest. She believes that by creating harmonious environments, we reflect that harmony, and it ripples out to affect all we touch. Get your FREE 7-part e-course “Your Secret Weapon: Powerful Feng Shui Tips To Give Your Business The Competitive Edge” at 

 A Second Helping: Awareness & Intuition by Nancy C. Pohle and Ellen L. Selover, A.R.E

The more and more each is impelled by that which is intuitive, or the relying upon the soul force within, the greater, the farther, the deeper, the broader, the more constructive may be the result...

Information is all around us. By merely turning on the radio, tuning in to a television channel, or clicking onto the Internet, we can have instant access to an incomprehensible amount of data. The key to sending and receiving this information is the intricate network of transmitters and receivers around the globe. We would be astounded if we could see all the sound waves, laser beams, impulses, and signals that cross back and forth beyond our levels of perception.

Our bodies are also powerful transmitters and receivers. We transmit through our voice and inflection, choices of words, facial expressions, actions, and body language. Likewise, our physical senses -- hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch -- are powerful receptors, able to retrieve immense amounts of information every second. They send signals through the nervous system to the brain, which then processes and responds to that information with messages and impulses.

A simple way to become aware of these processes is to think about the information we receive upon stepping outdoors. Our senses instantly perceive and relay to the brain signals regarding the change in temperature, the moisture content in the air, the intensity of the sun, the flight of a bird, or the whine of a nearby lawnmower. We might smell the pungent odor of grease and oil or the unmistakable aroma of a backyard barbecue. All of these elements provide us with instant information about this new environment.

On the mental level, we transmit information through every thought we think and each emotion we express. These go out from us in the form of energy which can be perceived by others. Though we may often be unaware of the source of the signal, we still may pick up on the finer vibrations of thought and emotion, just as we do the physical sensations. We transmit and receive this information in a similar pattern, even though the energies are difficult to measure.

Mirka Knaster, author of Discovering the Body's Wisdom, suggests that the body's internal network of sensory receptors provides us with proprioception (awareness of the precise position of our body) and kinesthesia (the awareness of direction of movement) which, combined, function as a sixth sense, allowing us to know where we are in space and time. According to Knaster, it is these proprioceptors which pick up energy emanating from other people and other creatures around us.

On yet another energy level -- the spiritual -- we become aware of influences and information through intuition. When we lay the groundwork for a spiritual connection to one another and to God, we sharpen these higher senses of receptivity. Intuition is our greatest link to our higher selves (our spiritual selves) and thus to God.

. . . Seek not from without, but to those consciousnesses, those voices, those feelings, those vibrations as may arise from within. For know, as has been indicated, there He, the Giver of all good and perfect gifts, makes to grow those seeds which ye have sown.

The regular practice of meditation allows us to tune in to our higher senses and clear our sensory systems of the static of other influences. We become cognizant of the impulses that arise from within with which we truly resonate. Everything we do to become more spiritually attuned improves our ability to understand, interpret, and follow through on the guidance we receive.

One way to understand how this process works is to imagine a playground full of excited children, with a parent sitting on a sideline. That parent is so well attuned, so familiar with his or her own child's voice, that he or she can, at any given moment, instantly pick out that voice from all the others on the playground. So it is with intuition. As we become more spiritually attuned, we can better pinpoint the "sound" of our higher self, or of God, and learn to recognize it.

About the authors:


Nancy C. Pohle has lectured, counseled, and taught classes on dreams and intuition throughout the U. S. and Canada for more than eighteen years. She was featured internationally on Voice of America radio, and appeared on A&E's Biography: Edgar Cayce as a representative of the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Ellen L. Selover is a lifelong student of the Edgar Cayce readings. Her tenure on the staff of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., has included international study group coordinator, manager of youth programs, and program manager with membership and the Mission in Life Institute.

This article was excerpted from their book "Awakening the Real You", ©1999, A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. Please visit for more information about the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. And if you have not already done so, check out The Edgar Cayce Series at the Friday's Inspiration website.

 From the Feedback Button - Ties That "BIND" from subscriber Nikki Thompson of Lewiston, ID

"I thought I needed help, someone to save me
I've learned the lesson, to look inside and save myself
Being strong enough to know your making the right decisions on your own
Finding the "Freedom" I've searched for, for so very long
Releasing the Ties that "BIND"
Being awake and aware of what's around me
Trusting myself and my intuition deep within me
Setting the binded me free
Golly Gee can this really be true?
I've finally figured out the last clue
I feel a new peace, a kind of release
Thank you for this lesson I've received
Allow me the honor, to others I will teach
The past is the past; all you can do is do better next time
Grow with each new experience
Trust in yourself and your intuition, and have patience.
"This has been something I've been soul searching for a very long time.  It has taken me making it through a tough lesson to finally catch on!! I would never trade this experience, for the person I've become and spiritual growth I've experienced has been remarkable.  Trust in yourself, Believe in yourself, and most importantly Love yourself!!"
Thank you, Nikki for sharing the wealth of this message! Learn - Do - Teach: worthy goals for each of us.
Click to send your Let to me right now!

 Feature: The Bridge to Light

According to Einstein, imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination, however, is not just idle thought, but is a Bridge to Light. Over the last few weeks, there has been a common theme, no matter how diverse the subject matter may have seemed. Let's go back for a moment and count them off:

On This Side of Heaven - making decisions and finding purpose

The Power of Feelings - opening the heart to emotion

Where Creativity Dwells - dreaming big and living unfettered

Connectedness - being in touch with people and the Universe

Each of these requires a connection between the mind and the heart or soul. And with each of these, imagination and creativity are the key to making that inner connection. The "how" of making that connection and engaging my imagination and creativity can be consciously acknowledged and actively exercised when I understand the wellspring of the Light from which all "communication of the Spirit" flows.

First contact with my Universe in this lifetime came in the form of physical sensations, and continues each waking moment of my life. If I can remain aware of the body signals, such as a strong physical response (a stomach flip, a chill up the spine) in a situation where there is no reason to think anything unusual is going on, I can learn to count upon my intuition. Hence the terms, "gut feeling" or "gut reaction."

As I grew and matured, I became sensitive to emotions in myself, but more importantly in other individuals or situations. I learned to have a sensitivity to other people's subtle energy, or the energy surrounding places or situations. It is often described as an immediate like or dislike of someone or something, and should be trusted, or at least taken into account in the process of decision-making.

There are occasions in life when mental images come to me, either in waking state or while sleeping. These can be developed into a sort of inner-vision. Memory is a vital part of this type of connection, especially memories tied to odors or sounds, which often evoke strong feelings. Dreams are also vital to my insight into current or future events, challenges and growth opportunities.

Synchronicity occasionally points out to me, in a brilliant flash, my ignorance or lack of trust in my inner wisdom. If I, perhaps, go on for too long neglecting the message that the Universe is sending me, a friend will spontaneously tell me the message I have been hearing, and ignoring, for months. Or I may open a book at random and find information for which I have been unknowingly searching.

Spiritual intuitional messages come to me, sometimes uninvited, in a rather raw form. An example is my experience at the Florida beach, during which I not only mentally acknowledged but actually experienced the physical and emotional sensations of the message as it came to me. It was an overwhelming understanding of my Oneness with all things, and all people, and the experience of it was powerful beyond mere words. It was a transpersonal message being communicated in every way I could comprehend in that moment, a sure feeling of warmth and belonging which came from beyond my self, rather than my own original, personal thought or feeling.

There are ways to actively participate in this process, such as taking conscious note of what is happening, or has recently happened, around me. Noticing is searching for an answer to a question, perhaps as yet unasked. Intuition is recognizing the question I am asking when I notice something. By way of example, let's say you live in New Jersey, but in your heart you are carrying the question of where to move. You begin to see the word Virginia everywhere you look. You meet people from Virginia, or discussions in which you take part somehow come around to the subject of Virginia. A Virginia travel package arrives, unexpectedly, in the mail. The messages are being sent, if you are receptive to receiving them.

Another method of active participation is consciously asking for help from the Unseen. Many individuals feel that they can only ask for help for someone else, or for matters of a highly spiritual nature, through prayer or meditation. It is just as important that I ask for myself and my own needs. I am in this physical body for a reason, and my inner voice is part of my physical existence. My own inner wisdom has the same interest in the mundane matters of my own life, such as diet or health, as it does should I mediate for 40 minutes daily upon more lofty subjects. Asking for something is never out of line. I have been told, time and again, that the only dumb question is one that doesn't get asked. Don't forget to take some time to listen for the answer!

A simple way to exercise my intuitional connectedness is simply to take a guess and risk failure, for the purpose of learning, growing, and developing the other methods of crossing the Bridge to Light. For instance, I might guess just exactly what moment the stoplight might change from red to green. In another case, I might take a stab at who is on the phone when it rings. When doing this, be aware how often the guesses are correct. Whatever guessing game is played, choose the first thought that comes along as your answer, and pay attention to whether that answer comes as an image, sound, or feeling.

Guesses, prayers and meditation, active awareness, open and welcoming sensitivity, heads-up awareness, brilliant synchronicity, dreams and waking visions, emotions and physical sensations, imagination and creativity - each forming a part of the Bridge to the Light that I seek. All connecting me to the Light that illuminates things as they are, would I only open my eyes and truly see.

  • Michael Rawls, Friday's Inspiration © 2003

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