Celestine Moments

These are only hints and guesses,
Hints followed by guesses, and the rest
Is prayer, observance, discipline, thought and action.
--T.S. Eliot

Carl Jung called it "synchronicity": two seemingly unrelated events that cannot be explained by cause and effect but are uniquely linked by personal meaning.

We call it coincidence. Serendipity. Luck. Chance. Fate. We call it everything, but what it really is: Grace. God. When chance events occur "at just the right moment, and bring forth just the right individuals to suddenly send our lives in a new and important direction," James Redfield tells us in The Celestine Prophecy, we're meant to "intuit higher meanings in these mysterious happenings."

But most of the time we're too busy to pay attention. Too busy with real life to give Real Life more than a passing nod. So the celestine moment is written off with an "Isn't that interesting?" shrug instead of a "What do you suppose this means?" inquiry. And instead of waiting for Spirit's reply, we're off again in a thousand directions.

Artists depend on the higher harmonic of synchronicity. And because they expect it, they receive it. Today, begin an experiment in enlightenment. For one week operate on the assumption that nothing that happens in your daily round is accidental. Cast a wider net. Pay close attention to your dreams. Follow your urges. Honor your hunches. Use intuition as the spiritual tool it is. Consider what movies you're interested in seeing. Really listen to the lyrics of songs. If someone suggests something new for you to do, try it. If a lecture or workshop sounds interesting, go to it. Notice what books you're drawn to. Strike up conversations with strangers who sit next to you or someone interesting-looking who makes eye contact. Be receptive and alert. See how many celestine moments you can accumulate in the course of a day. The more open you are to synchronicity's role in your life, the more magnetic you become to Divine assistance.

-Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance - A Daybook of Comfort and Joy©1995


When a pianist learns a new piece of music, he or she does not sit down and instantly play it perfectly. A pianist often needs to practice each hand's work separately to learn the feel, to learn the sound. One hand picks out a part until there is a rhythm and ease in playing what is difficult. Then, the musician practices with the other hand, picking through the notes, one by one, until that hand learns its tasks. When each hand has learned its part - the sound, the feel, the rhythm, the tones - then both hands can play together.

During the time of practice, the music may not sound like much. It may sound disconnected, not particularly beautiful. But when both hands are ready to play together, music is created - a whole piece comes together in harmony and beauty.

There are times in our lives when something happens that we cannot, for the life of us, figure why it should happen. At those times, it is the pleasant surprise of goodness, wealth, kindness, or fortune and luck that suddenly comes upon us and shakes up the status quo in our daily routine. Or, it may be the devastation of ill health of ourself or one we are close to, the loss of a friend or family member, or the termination of a relationship. Sometimes, it is just the simple stuff of daily life, like the loss of all the really good stuff on your hard drive because your computer crashed and you didn't take the time to make a backup. Or the sunshine and birds singing outside your window on an otherwise ordinary morning. It can be large or small, but it probably wasn't insignificant. Things just happen, but if we pay attention, we can find the value in them.

Using our intuition, paying attention to the lessons, feeling the rhythm, seeking for balance and harmony, living our life practicing one small part at a time and then many in concert, we can learn, appreciate the beauty of life, grow and prosper in so many ways! The more in tune with what is around you that you are, the more what is around you will be in tune with you.


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