Guided By the Heart

It appears that fate has more imagination than we do. Just when you think you've reached the lowest depths of total desperation, everything changes as fast as a gust of wind, everything's overturned, from one second to the next you find you're living a new life.

·    Susanna Tamaro, Follow Your Heart

I have always been aware of the voices inside my head. More so now that I know what to listen for, but they’ve always been in my awareness.

You know the ones I mean. Firstly there’s the ‘chatterbox’. It’s the one that says thing like, ‘Don’t be ridiculous, how will you manage a project?’ or ‘Who wants to get up early to go and meditate on a Sunday? Stay in bed a little longer, you deserve it’ or ‘I wouldn’t even try test-driving that huge car. You’ll never be able to handle it!’

It’s the voice that constantly nags at the back of your mind.

Then there’s the voice that tells you to do something and keeps at you ‘til you do. You know the voice that says ‘C’mon, you love to act, go and try out for that community play’, or ‘There’s someone following you, go into a store’ or ‘Get up and do your meditation because the benefits you’ll gain far outweigh lounging around in bed when you’ve had your 8 hours of sleep’.

The difference between these two voices is profound.

The first one is the culmination of years of negative programming. It is the voice of the sub conscious trying to protect its picture of how your life should be.

The second voice is the voice of intuition. It is also known as the sixth sense and is one of our amazing senses, as well as our pathway to connect with the Universe. It has been said that if Prayer is our way of speaking to God, then Intuition is His way of speaking to us.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

So, that means that every time we have had that funny feeling where the hairs on the back of our necks stand on end, or we get a flash that leads us in a certain direction, God is talking to us? I believe, that it most certainly is.

A friend I worked with told me an astounding story.

She was sitting at work one day when she got a blinding ‘flash’ in her head. In those couple of seconds she saw a truck smash into the drivers side of her husband’s car and crush him to death. She said she was so ‘charged’ that she screamed to him to move over to the passenger side. When the phone rang later and the police told her that her husband had been in an accident but was miraculously unhurt, she rushed over to the hospital. When she got there he told her about what had happened. He had been waiting for the lights to change and all of a sudden her face had appeared in front of him, screaming to him to move to the passenger side of the car. He said the look on her face was so compelling that he shifted immediately. As he did, the truck ploughed into the seat that he’d just left. The Police said he would have died instantly.

That is the power of tuning in, acknowledging and recognizing your Intuitive capabilities. When God sends you the things you need, to get your life going in the direction you want to go, he’ll whisper them softly in your ear. They'll stay with you and keep on whispering until you act on them. You just need to learn to listen.

Open your heart to your Intuition and listen for its quiet prompts. When you ‘feel’ that you want to make beautiful pottery all day long and not be a corporate banker, have the courage to do what your heart is telling you that you love to do and know that everything will always be all right, because God is with you.

Discover your Inspiration by listening to your Intuition.

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Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely.

·    From the animted feature, The Land Before Time

Are you a flight risk? Hope so..

I don’t suppose any of you have a “mean-spirited internal censor,” that Judgment Jabber? Judgment Jabber is the voice that lives inside your mind that tells you: “You’re not good enough.” “You’re wasting your time on this job/relationship/recipe.” “Who are you to think you can succeed/be different/sing?” “What a failure!” “Look at your wrinkles/big ears.”

And lots of other negative things as it causes, exacerbates, and articulates your fears. It is a powerful block to the loosened mind. Do you hear Judgment Jabber (JJ, for short)?

How many creations do you think have been lost to the world due to the JJ Jailers?

JJ Jailers prohibit us from placing before ourselves the clay we can mold into majestic sculptures. They incarcerate poems. They silence singing vocal cords. They put paints and brushes into solitary confinement. They imprison feet wanting to dance. They barricade written masterpieces. They handcuff craft work. They put all forms of creative impulses under heavy restraint. The put dreams in the slammer.

The JJ Jailers are actually thieves. They rob us of wonderful gifts that will never see the light of day. They shoplift from souls not brave enough to step out with brilliance. They pilfer talent. They rip off glory.

JJ Jailers put us in drab prison garb. Take away our soul food. Shut us in a tiny cell. Lock us in. And throw away the key.

Time for a breakout.

.. And Today..

What have you thought of creating that you have not because you knew the JJ Jailer would show up to stop you, to arrest your efforts? Today do not be detained. Begin this thing, whatever it is.

As you take the first steps in this creation (and baby steps are just fine), you may be surprised at how today you have a new degree of freedom. That freedom will grow with each step.

    I think I know how bank robbers feel as they wait for tellers to stuff their bounty into a satchel. . . . I damn near giggled as she handed me that bag, validated my parking stub, smiled, and raised her eyes to the next customer, just like that. Clutching my toy to my chest, I shoved through the crowd and hustled towards the exit.
    Geez, would I get away with it? Slip a creative writing book past my mean-spirited internal censor? Would I finally ignore that sour-breathed advisor who had always banished enthusiasm with its sick idea of realism, pointing fingers and thundering, ‘This will go nowhere. This is a waste of time that will cost you. This is PLAY.

·    Tama J. Kieves, from This Time I Dance: Trusting the Journey of Creating the Work You Love

Look what happened because Tama took step after step after step out of the store with her purchase. She has written an amazing book we all can read. She left the practice of law, a profession she did not enjoy. More than that, she is now a writer, that of which she dreamed. Of what do you dream?

These kinds of steps bring exhilaration. Will the JJ Jailer go away? Probably not completely. But it will not have control. You have control now. Walk, run, then soar in your release!

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