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On This Side of Heaven

All of us go through times of doubt, wondering, if somehow we've missed the purpose God gave us to fulfill. We know that, one day, all will be made clear and we'll understand the design of our life on earth. While we're still on this side of heaven however, a glimpse of our life's meaning can help guide us out of a desert of doubt.
Choosing to take responsibility for your own life is difficult. Choices frequently involve personal risks. Society, omnipotent guardian of 'shoulds' and 'oughts,' bestows no favors on those who assault the walls of social prejudices, religious dogmas, and social sanctions that separate the head from the heart and isolate individuals from their neighbors next door and around the world. There are no tangible rewards for such inner effort. But there are rewards of a different kind for those who dare to seek the hole in their garden wall. I know from experience.

Often, I come to a spot in the road, unsure of which way to go.

What can help me in the decision process, so that I might go forward with courage and confidence?

Spotlight: Do You Want To Change Your Belief Pattern? by Jan Tincher,

When a person looks at something a thousand times -- OK, maybe not 1000 times a day but at least several times an hour all day -- don't you think it would be implanted in his brain? Don't you think he/she would always have that as a reference? And I mean ALWAYS.

What if you wanted to be a nonsmoker, or slimmer, or more prosperous? What do you think my first words of advice would be to you today?

You may feel a conflict, like some words in your head saying, "but I'm not like that." Get rid of those words immediately. Cancel, cancel. If you want to be successful, then you must see yourself like that. Cancel old thought patterns out until you are free to do this. You have to see it in order to believe it. If you want to learn more about the Cancel, Cancel technique, click here: Decisions Determine Destiny

Look at your success picture on the screen of your mind. It's a picture of you as a nonsmoker. A SUCCESSFUL nonsmoker. Look at it 1000 times each day. What does that picture you are going to see a thousand times a day look like? Whatever it is, is what you will see weeks and months down the road in actuality.

Make sure the picture of you is you standing tall. Looking good. No yellow teeth. No tobacco stains on your fingers. No tobacco breath coming out of your mouth. No raspy breath.

Wait. Stop! Messed up, didn't I? What you should see is what you want, shouldn't you? Don't even think about what you don't want. So, redo it, OK?

Now, here it is, this time the correct picture: You are standing straight and tall. Beautiful teeth. Clean, healthy fingers. Clear lungs. Breathing perfectly, clearly. Feeling free. Money in your pockets that used to go for cigarettes.

Look at that picture 1000 times a day, and what do you think you will actually look like down the road a few weeks? You are going to look great!

Now, let's talk about weight. Look at your success picture on the screen of your mind. It's a picture of you at your perfect weight. Look at it 1000 times each day. What does that picture you are going to see 1000 times a day look like? Whatever it is, that is what you will see in actuality, weeks and months down the road.

OK. How do you look? You are standing tall, looking great, down to your slim weight, having fun. What are you attracting now? You are attracting instances that will help you lose weight, exercise more, anything you have to do that will help you reach that goal weight and look like you do in the picture. That's a lot better than that old picture, isn't it?

Now, let's talk about prosperity. Look at your success picture on the screen of your mind. It's a picture of you as a prosperous person. Look at it 1000 times each day. What does that picture you are going to see a thousand times a day look like? Whatever it is, is what you will see weeks and months down the road in actuality.

OK. How do you look? You are standing tall, looking great, wearing the clothes you can now afford, on your way to go shopping again. You're in a beautiful home, a great vehicle is right outside the door, you've got money in your pocket. There is a clean table or desk where the bills used to be. What do you think about that? What is your brain going to attract now? It's going to attract everything in that picture. See it one thousand times a day. Start living your dream. <>If you like this technique, pass it on to a friend. Watch as their life changes for the better. Remember, if you take the time and effort to change your view of reality, your brain will put in the time and effort to make your reality become your view.

About the author:

Jan Tincher can help you learn to Tame Your Brain 
Jan Tincher, is a nationally recognized expert in Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Jan teaches strategies that help you live a better, happier life! She studied under Richard Bandler and Anthony Robbins, and has a successful practice in Forest City, Iowa. She is an award winning author, and you can read many of her articles at the Tame Your Brain website. You can also read what people say about her.

A Second Helping: Listen To the Music of the Heart, and Dance! by Sherry A. McClellan

I read an article in Parade magazine about a 51 yr old guy and his wife who were both Dr's. They had both noticed that most people were suffering from a soul sickness, more than real physical illness, an illness brought about by wrong thinking.

He talked to his pastor about his concerns and how he'd like to help with that aspect. The pastor's wife took him aside and told him that he needed to change careers, that he wasn't called treat illness, but to heal. He said he never forgot that conversation, and has become a minister who helps troubled teens. His program is being duplicated, nationally and his first success is now a 28 yr old, who is in charge of running the original program he started. Changing the situation, one person at a time, and that person passes it on by helping another.

Many, if not most of us, were raised to discount emotions and our heart's desires, as some sort of abstract unreality; to pursue the middle of the road, along with the average mainstream American. Sometime it's difficult to tune into our life's calling.

To paraphrase a quote, we are the only ones who can choose, to be the "me" we were intended to be. It is not intended that we follow the dictates of what others would have us be, and further their own intentions of who they'd have us be.  At a given point, I think we all must decide who's will to follow - someone else's, or our own.

By that time, we have probably become aware of a will that calls both mind and heart in the same direction, hoping we will follow our higher calling.  That's when we have to choose whether to step out in faith, or not step out at all.  A small voice keeps saying, "we must dance to the music of the heart, if we plan on being with the One that brought us."

The most incongruous part of this, probably, is to be unsure of the surest thing of all. I wonder how different the world would be if we all were doing what we were put here for; that one thing only we can do best, and each fulfilling that special purpose in our lives.  Possibly a world so different, we might could imagine, that the answer never would have been questioned?

I wonder.

About the author:

Sherry A. McClellan, this week's Guest Author 
Sherry lives  near the Columbia Gorge in North Central Oregon, and expends her energy in the process of transitioning from doing what she has to do, to doing what she wants to do, and finding an integration and alignment between the material and spiritual worlds. She is mother to three adult children, and grandmother of three lovely girls. She is also a long-time subscriber to this newsletter, and is in the process of building an online business based upon spiritual marketing concepts. This is the first contribution as an author.

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Feature: Are All Choices Simple? Yes! 

The journey I chart and the experiences I have are a result of my choices. What I perceive depends on what part of me is in charge of the perception. If it is my ego or personality, I perceive a deadly world that exists to punish me, peopled with others who are out to protect what they have and accumulate more. If it is my higher self, the inner person that is a spark of that divinity which infuses all of Creation, I see this world as a classroom in which I am given choices in order to grow and develop my soul in its great purpose. Life, for some, is a classroom, and for others, a vale of tears. I am here to learn to live unencumbered by the material world. Doing so may take a miracle. But that only requires a shift in perception, doesn't it?

Monitoring my reactions to the choices I am given will reveal opportunities for growth and peacefulness. No matter what choices I am given, the underlying message is always the same: forgive, and feel love, and I will know peace in your life. A negative, narrow, hateful thought system causes me to attack, strike back at others, victimizing them, punishing them with revenge, taking without giving back, and never being satisfied with the results. Which one sounds easy? Neither... but that is the point! Which is more rewarding? Both... but not in the same manner. But, every day I make choices that fall on one side or the other of a line drawn between these two. I am not perfect. Think of those people whom you consider "good." Where do their choices fall?

Not every detail of life is critically serious. Not every choice is life-or-death. But, choices are more simple than one thinks. Similar to always being truthful, such that one never has to fabricate more to remain believable, choosing a loving response is much less stressful because it does not take an elaborate plan to approach the individual or circumstance. Put my heart first, and the rest will follow. Care enough to choose a loving response to my fellow man and his difficulties, and both of our Paths will smooth out. Only after enduring the mistakes from my choices do I understand the ramifications. Always choosing to seek insight of the Spirit makes choices simple, free of pain and anxiety, uncertainty and fear.

My choices, when I come down to the substance of them, are to simplify or complicate my life. I must simplify my choices by choosing a loving response in all circumstances, by assuming a perception in harmony with that of my Spirit, and by committing myself to changing how I see all the circumstances in my life.

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