Filling the Emptiness

Go to God as an empty vessel, desiring fulfillment in God's way and measure.
--Joel S. Goldsmith

One morning, I awoke at dawn and realized it was a holy day, the birthday of the founder of my Faith. I got up, washed my hands and face and went to sit in my prayer chair. I sat in silence for some time watching the sky outside my east-facing window turn rose and crimson. I could feel a prayer forming itself. And then it came. "What can I give you for your birthday, Beloved?" The answer came swiftly. "Your emptiness."

I was puzzled. "Emptiness. What does it mean?" Then, I cupped my hands. I thought of my favorite bowl, one which is so personal no one else in the family uses it. The moment I saw it on the potter's table at an open-air market, I knew it was mine.It is varying shades of blue, lightly glazed, just the right depth and shape for soup or rice. I like the feel of it as I hold it in both hands. I love its perfect, ready emptiness.

As I looked into my cupped hands, it dawned on me - my emptiness is the willingness to receive all that God would give. I felt a Divine smile warming my soul.

-Linda Kavelin Popov, Sacred Moments - Daily Meditations on The Virtues.©1996

Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tyre?
--Corrie Ten Boom

The process of re-ordering my life was a difficult one. I thought of myself in terms of a structure, in need of some serious remodeling, and showing signs of serious neglect. It was a tearing down, a close examination of the individual parts, and a rebuilding, keeping that which was truly valuable and using good stuff to replace that which had been discarded. I was willing to do anything which God asked of me to become whole. There was a lot of emptiness in my life after the clutter from past choices and associations had been removed. Having tired of holding on to the things that weren't working in my life, I let them go, and my hands were again free to receive those blessings which the Universe held in store for me.

I could not have done the job of letting go, or that of rebuilding my life without learning to communicate with the Architect of my Universe. My perspective changed when I prayed. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that prayer is the "contemplation of the facts of life from the highest point of view." I am inclined to agree with him. Beginning each day with gratitude is the best way to open my eyes to the abundance which I enjoy, and reminding myself of that abundance adjusts my attitude during the balance of the day.

There are as many ways to pray as there are creatures in creation, I believe. All things great and small have their own way of communicating with their Creator, expressing joy or disappointment, affirmations of unwavering faith or plaintive cries of dire need. Each prayer, however formed, is truly heard on High. Loving and enjoying life, full exertion of the talents wherewith God has blessed you, stepping up to daily responsibilities, and following through on obligations - each is a prayer and supplication to the Spirit of All. One of my favorite prayers is to say, simply, "Thank You." Service to others, perhaps a kind word or gesture, is a sincere expression of gratitude to the Creator. A prayer of silent listening is the means by which the communication returns to you. Trust Divine purpose to guide you.

A Course in Miracles teaches that it is "quite possible to listen to God's voice all through the day without interrupting your regular activities in any way. The part of your mind in which truth abides is in constant communication with God, whether you are aware of it or not." Ask of yourself, "what simple practices would allow me to listen to Spirit throughout the day?"

Prayerfulness will fill the emptiness. This week, I have promised myself and my God that I will create sacred space in my life to receive the abundance which the Universe holds for me. I will uplift my perspective on my life, and the lives of others, through prayer. I will begin each day with a prayer of gratitude for all the gifts in my life, and the life of those I love and associate with, and pray for continued successes. I will also pray for the companionship of the Spirit and the comfort which it affords me, trusting my life to the guidance of the Divine purpose. I will find ways to listen to Spirit throughout the day.

My days are no longer as empty as they had been - they are filled with sacred moments.



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