The first step toward finding God, Who is Truth, is to discover the truth about myself: and if I have been in error, this first step to truth is the discovery of my error.
--Thomas Merton

How is the truth organized in your mind? Are there categories of truth? Are there pieces of truth that you use when it is convenient? Are there parts of the truth that you have not been able to accept? Is there:

The truth is, there is only one truth. God is truth! Love is truth! You are the embodiment of God's love, on a quest to recognize this truth about yourself and everyone else. Anything else that is cleverly disguised as the truth is a manifestation of what you must grow through in order to realize the truth.

Until today, you may have lost sight of the one truth that will give you peace of mind and the strength you need to move through life peacefully. Just for today, remember the truth about who you are. Remember the truth about your life. Remember that only when you know the truth will you be free to live in its glory, covered by its grace.

Today I am devoted to living the one and only truth about myself and my life!

-Iyanla Vanzant, Until Today! - Daily Devotions for Spiritual Growth and Peace of Mind ©2000

We all know that something is eternal. And it ain't houses and it ain't names, and it ain't earth, and it ain't even the stars - everybody knows in their bones that something is eternal, and that something has to do with human beings. All the greatest people ever lived have been telling us that for five thousand years and yet you'd be surprised how people are always letting go of that fact. There's something way down deep that's eternal about every human being.
--Thornton Wilder

We spend no small amount of our lives considering what truth is, and what is not truth. The Moody Blues asked us to consider "which is truth, and which is an illusion" in their song Knights in White Satin. In the book A Course in Miracles, students of this course are taught that the ego, which generally seems to be the "whole" of us, is invested in the illusory world. They are taught that the ego creates what we see and protects it; that the events and people we experience invite our control; and that as a result, we love and hate this world simultaneously. And all this because, what our senses tell us is reality, is an illusion. Gary Zukav, in his book Seat of the Soul tells us that what we perceive with our five senses is an agreed upon understanding, a joint creation if you will, of all the egos that are living at this moment. Conventional wisdom, some would call it. Is it truth? Is it illusion? You decide.

The Apostle Paul, walking down the road, was struck blind by his vision. Later, when Jesus asked him who Paul thought Jesus was, Paul said, "Thou art the Christ." Jesus asked him how he knew that. His answer was that the Spirit revealed the truth of it to him, not flesh and blood. To choose truth requires us to detach from what we see here. We quietly and willingly rise above the chaos in search of inner peace, which is the underlying truth. How do we ignore the chaos that the ego creates for its selfish purposes? You can't wrap your hands around the truth, but you should know it lies within you. Stilling yourself and seeking your connection with Spirit will reveal all the guidance you need, all the truth there is. Listen to that inner you, not your loud and clamoring ego. Listening like this takes practice, because your ego wants your attention every minute. It wants to control, defend, attack and exact revenge. It cares little about truth of any kind.

We are always moving towards the truth. What is the truth we are seeking, even though we may not realize we are seeking it? It is the soul's realization that we each are part of All, that our bodies are made of the stuff of the stars, that we are united as One Spirit with our Creator, and that miracles are only shifts in perception. If you seek to feel differently about the people and the experiences in your life, differently about what you perceive as real and what you perceive as an illusion, ask Spirit to help you change, or go beyond, your perceptions. This can only be done in your own experience, seeking this for yourself. You cannot, nor should you, adopt someone else's truth, because it would mean nothing unless and until it becomes your truth, your discovery, your sure knowledge. Flesh and blood will not reveal it to you. You must discover and stand in your own Light.

And, don't let go of the fact that a part of you, way down deep, is, most assuredly, eternal. True, that.



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