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Move Along, Citizens

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Indolence is the twin sister of indifference, but cheerful and ready action is the friend of contentment.
Every man feels instinctively that all the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action.
Actions portray the extraordinary virtues of ordinary life.
What steps can I take to be more than just one of life's spectators?

Entrée:  The Zen of Taking Action by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler
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You've probably had the experience at one time or another of feeling "stuck" in your life. Of just sitting in one place - unclear of what decision you should make. How can you move forward in life when you feel unclear about the next step you need to take? Admittedly, such a lack of clarity can cause some pretty extreme stress!

It's difficult to move forward if you don't have clarity, since clarity of purpose often controls your supply of life energy. Knowing what you want generates the energy to pursue it! While not knowing drains your energy. So what can you do if you lack clarity? What are your options?

If you're afraid of making the wrong choice, you can wait and hope for clarity. Or you can try to think your options through in your own mind. But the truth is, you'll never really "figure life out." In terms of "life-questions" - life has a way of just resolving itself, with or without our conscious intervention or so-called decision-making! And even when we think we've got everything all "figured out" - life will seldom deliver a perfect replica of our mental picture.

One good way to conquer uncomfortable indecision is to simply make a choice from among your "unknowns." Whether or not you feel certain your choice is the "right" choice - just take a small step in what seems to be the "best" direction, in spite of your doubt or confusion.

There is great power in action. Movement in any direction will break you free from the "cement" of indecision - and provide new information and experiences. Action sends ripples of energy and change out into the world. And since life is so totally unpredictable, who knows how your situation will change once you get some "action energy" into motion.

You may even want to think of your life as a novel you're reading. You're only part of the way into the book - and you really don't know what's going to happen next. How could you know? The book is still being written!

The challenge you face is this: Dare you move forward in the face of uncertainty? Can you "handle" taking action without knowing whether it's the "right" action? You may feel confused or anxious, and wonder if you're making the "right" decision. But somewhere along in your "life novel" you may discover there was no "right" decision.

Here's what I've learned in my own "roller coaster" version of life: If you find you've stepped onto the "wrong" path, you can always adjust your direction. And any so-called "mistakes" simply add to your personal wisdom about what doesn't work - thus taking you closer to discovering what does work!

There is great power in action! Go for it! Even if you make the wrong choice, at least you'll generate some "Zen action energy" and break free of the painful, mind-numbing cement of indecision!

About the author:

Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, international success coach, has mentored entrepreneurs, executives, performing artists, athletes, and hundreds of "ordinary people" who became top achievers and self-made millionaires. As a personal success coach, she teaches her "no limits" brain power techniques at universities, seminars and corporations. She is a doctor of psychology, psycho-physiologist, and a pioneering brain wave research scientist. She most recently authored the "10 Days to SMASH YOUR LIMITS" e-course. E-mail Dr. Jill for more information. The Adventure Starts Here!

Main Course: Am I a Verb or a Noun?
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Didja ever get stuck in a traffic jam, and when you finally get to where the "problem" is, you realize that it is either gone, or so small - so insignificant - that it is a wonder people even slowed down at all? Gaper's Block. That's what the traffic reporters in the Big City call it. Highway mopery and attempting to gawk - that's what I call it. People getting so caught up in the insignificant that they ignore the larger view, even to the point that they become part of the problem, instead of part of the solution.

I want to get out of my car and scream, "Please, move along, citizens... nothing to see here, really!" Some people are Verbs, some are Nouns. Verbs do - they take action, they roll on past obstacles as quickly and safely as they are able, and get on with getting where they are going while helping others to do the same. Nouns watch, wait and worry - they can even slow to a halt at the least resistance, waiting for something else to happen. No side road adventures, no detours into the unknown, no risk of failure or disappointment - ho, hum...

Living life well, enjoying the blessings of interacting with my fellow travelers, requires me to work, actively and earnestly. It requires of me to act as a patron of the oppressed, a consoler and comforter of the unfortunate and the wretched. It requires me to be more than a spectator or tourist, not just another gawker slowing others down, on this Path of mine. It requires me to do life, instead of just writing about life, as I do here.

Writers (generally speaking) conceive and portray in words that which they think should be done. It is up to the reader of those words to be inspired enough to take action, to embody the practical realization of the great and noble ideals of the writer - moral beauty, magnanimity, fortitude, love, devotion, forgiveness, and so on - i.e., the inherent greatness of the soul. The active work of being virtuous is greater than any written work of genius; it is a far more noble thing to be a hero than to describe one, to endure martyrdom than to paint it, to do right than to plead for it.

Active participation in life is far beyond that which any writing of it will ever be - it is ever more productive to do what is worthy of being written about, than to describe that which is worthy of being considered virtuous. Keeping one's thoughts virtuous is not enough - one must act upon them! How many times in mankind's history has a single benevolent act brought forth a great painter, artist, inventor or musician? There is no law that limits the returns that might be reaped from a single good deed.

I never know the importance of any act I perform. Pharaoh's daughter could scarcely have known the significance of her action when she plucked the infant child of a Hebrew woman from among the rushes at the banks of the Nile, and determined to rear the child as her own. Vast, unimaginable consequences to the entire human race depended upon her one charitable act. She could have simply watched as the basket floated by, and done nothing. Instead, she took action.

Be a Verb on life's highway, instead of a Noun impeding others on their Path. Move onward and upward, a Verb in the midst of doing, instead of a Noun waiting for something to be done.

Michael Rawls, Friday's Inspiration © 2003

Second Helping: The Self-Empowerment Pledge by Joe Tye
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Here are seven simple promises that will change your life:

Monday's Promise: Responsibility
I will take complete responsibility for my health, my happiness, my success, and my life, and will not blame others for my problems.

Tuesday's Promise: Accountability
I will not allow low self-esteem, self-limiting beliefs, or the negativity of others to prevent me from achieving my authentic goals and from becoming the person I am meant to be.

Wednesday's Promise: Determination
I will do the things I'm afraid to do, but which I know should be done. Sometimes this will mean asking for help to do that which I cannot do by myself.

Thursday's Promise: Contribution
I will earn the help I need in advance by helping other people now, and repay the help I receive by serving others later.

Friday's Promise: Resilience
I will face rejection and failure with courage, awareness, and perseverance, making these experiences the platform for future acceptance and success.

Saturday's Promise: Choice
I will have faith that, though I might not understand why adversity happens, by my conscious choice I can find strength, compassion, and grace through my trials.

Sunday's Promise: Faith
My faith and my gratitude for all that I have been blessed with will shine through in my attitudes and in my actions.

About the author:

Joe Tye is president of Paradox 21 Inc., which provides corporate training and culture change initiatives based on a proprietary curriculum of The Twelve Core Action Values of Personal Leadership Effectiveness. He is also the author of several books and audio programs on personal, career, and business success, and a popular motivational speaker. Visit or call him at 800-644-3889

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