A Life That Blossoms

Live by what you believe so fully that your life blossoms, or else purge the fear- and guilt-producing beliefs from your life. When people believe one thing and do something else, they are inviting misery. If you give yourself the name, play the game. When you believe something you don't follow with your heart, intellect, and body, it hurts. Don't do that to yourself. Live your belief, or let that belief go. If you are not actively living a belief, it's not really your belief, anyway.

  John-Roger (Life 101)

Perfect Life

Scott Peck, in his book, "The Road Less Traveled," opens with the simple sentence "Life is difficult." I think all of us would agree. He goes on to say that once we understand and accept that life is difficult then we can begin to transcend it.

In other words, once we understand and actually accept the difficulty of life then this difficulty no longer matters, because we expect difficult times. The real problem most of us run into is that we expect and even desire that life should be easy.

I'd like to go beyond this notion of difficulty and assert that life is perfect just as it is. This is a concept I've been giving thought to for several weeks. Before you write me off as a lunatic, let me explain some things. Perfect is defined in the dictionary as "without blemish."

In order to believe that life is perfect, just as it is, you will need to understand and "buy" into some new paradigm shifts. These are:

1. All we truly have is right now; this very moment.

We cannot live our lives in the past (although some do) and we cannot live our lives in the future (although some do this also). Attempting to live life in the past or the future is to rob ourselves of the now, because now is all we have.

There was a time in my life when I continuously lived for some future time, "when I get my college degree," "when I get my masters degree," then I will have arrived and I can finally be happy and enjoy life. Life doesn't work that way. And I must admit that I missed out on a lot of life because I didn't know how to live in the now. You've heard the expression, "Stop and smell the roses." Do it now, you might be dead tomorrow.

2. There are no coincidences in life.

This is a biggie. There is a reason for everything that happens to you in this life (although the reasons may not be clear at the time they happen and may never become clear in this life). I hear some of you screaming, "What about the bad things?" Those, too, are included.

In his book, "The Seat Of The Soul," Gary Zukav asserts that the earth is a school of learning and that we (the souls) incarnate physically so that we can come here to learn and grow spiritually. Thusly, everything that happens to us in life happens for a reason. I used to not believe this. I do now.

A man at age 47 woke up in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit after having undergone bypass surgery last year. He came really close to meeting the "Grim Reaper." Before the surgery, he was in his cardiologists' office and he even asked out loud, "why is this happening to me?" The doctor responded, "How many McDonalds cheeseburgers have you eaten over the course of your life?" "No more than anyone else," he responded. "Precisely," said the doctor.

That man is me.

Bypass surgery was truly one of the best things that ever happened to me. Through that experience I gained a new perspective, appreciation and gratefulness for life that I could not have acquired any other way. From that experience I learned what my true purpose in life is. Engaging in that purpose gives me great satisfaction and fulfillment.

Life is a gift. Live it, all of it, and learn from it.

Steve Pilkington, LifeCoachPro.net

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   Steve Pilkington, this week's contributing author 

Steve is a Personal/Professional Development Coach. You can subscribe to his FREE ezine "Create The Life You Are Meant To Live" by sending a blank email to: subscribe@lifecoachpro.net with "subscribe FI" in the subject line. You may also subscribe while visiting the LifeCoachPro website.

Everything on earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence.

  Mourning Dove (Christine Quintasket)

The Discovery of Purpose...

What is purpose? Purpose is the reason why you are here on this earth. Your purpose is what helps you to move on in life, no matter what storms or problems come your way. The toughest thing to do for a lot of people, particularly the youth, is finding their purpose and knowing what it is. Having purpose in your life is very important because it is the vital essences of having meaning or a reason for existence.

Have you ever wondered why you are here? Out of all the millions of sperm, only one sperm fertilized the egg and you were created. Well, I have wondered countless times over my twenty-eight years of life. After high school, I have gone through seven jobs until I have landed on my present career. In college, I switched majors several times until I settled for Urban Studies.

Your goals in life change as you grow as an individual, but your true purpose lasts for a lifetime. Your true purpose is when you discover which direction you want to go in life, and stick with it. Finding true purpose in life gets rid of confusion and brings in peace. Finding your true purpose in life is a gradual process.

Nia, the main character in my novel, found her purpose when she ended her constant cycle of abuse and realized that her purpose in life is to love and to be loved. As you read my novel, Purpose Lies Within, you can actually see and feel like you are there with Nia as she goes through her trials and tribulations. The novel begins with Nia at age thirteen dealing with a drug addict mother and ends with her at age twenty-five being engaged to the man of her dreams.

"Now when Nia saw herself in the mirror, she saw a woman who possessed both inner and outer strength, which had come when she accepted God back into her life, and the spirit had shown her the light and Nia saw that she had a spiritual glow." - Excerpt from the novel Purpose Lies Within

Nia finally grows into a woman by realizing her purpose in life. Each one of us has a story and our lives teach us a lesson and enable us to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Life is like drawing a picture with a pencil. Whenever you make a mistake with a pencil you will try to correct it with an eraser. In life, when you make a mistake you try to correct it. Sometimes when you erase a pencil mark you leave a blemish. A blemish is also made in your life when you make a mistake. "Skeletons in your closet" is the phrase that most people call a blemish in your life.

You can overcome these mistakes in your life by learning from it and moving on. If you keep on wallowing in your mistakes, it can turn into an open wound. When you continuously erase a line on a picture it can turn into a hole. When you finish drawing your picture it is a masterpiece. The blemishes are what makes it stands out from the rest. Even though you have made mistakes and have blemishes in your life, you still can shine like a shining star. Your purpose comes when you learn to move on and grow both spiritually and mentally.

You are not just a number, a body, a job, or a name; you are divine spiritual energy, no matter how many mistakes you have made in the past. You are put here for a reason and that's to do God's will. You will see a difference in yourself when you know your life purpose. Having a life mission will change your life. Purpose will give you a reason for living and for touching the lives of others.

Without purpose in life, your life will be filled with chaos and mass confusion. Without a focus or reason as to your existence in your life, you will live life feeling unfulfilled, or feeling completely lost as to which direction you want to go in life.

Having purpose does help to have some control in your life, but not complete control. Sometimes you may have some problems that may come your way, beyond your control. Pretend that you are a ship sailing across the ocean; the waters are calm but all of a sudden a storm appears. Your purpose is your unique map of the world and your goals are the routes you can take to fulfill your purpose.

While sailing across the ocean, you have to decide on a certain route to take to reach a certain place, but a storm may come and knock you off course, which is always beyond your control.

The storm can be very unpleasant and can cause you a lot of fear, pain, and sometimes even grief. The storm may have knocked you off course, but you must not give up on your journey due to a set back. Your must repair the ship, which is you, and get back on course. This is how life works.

Sometimes life's obstacles may come your way and knock you off course, but you must have faith in God that everything will be OK. You must not give up on your dreams and life purpose. It may not be easy at times but, know that soon the storm shall pass and the sunshine will shine radiantly across your sea of possibilities.

A List Of Reasons To Have Purpose In Your Life:

  • PURPOSE keeps you focused.
  • PURPOSE gives you a reason for existence.
  • PURPOSE helps you to overcome obstacles.
  • PURPOSE gives you a direction to go in life.
  • PURPOSE allows you to follow your spiritual path.
  • PURPOSE allows you to touch the lives of others.
  • PURPOSE keeps you fulfilled.
  • PURPOSE builds up self-esteem.
  • PURPOSE leads you to prosperity and success.

Each and every one of us has a gift and it is up to us to find out what it is. There are many steps you can take to finding your purpose. Prayer an meditation can help you find your purpose by tapping into you inner self and asking God to guide you. Often times the spirit can lead you to your purpose through visions, dreams, other people, and etc.

Sit down and write down a list of all the things you like doing such as your hobby. also think about some of the subjects you enjoyed in school. And also think about your career. What aspect of you job do you enjoy most. Think about all the things that you are good at and include it in your list.

Surround yourself around positive people. Let go of negative people and bad habits. Read motivational and spiritual book that can uplift and motivate you in your journey of finding purpose. Pray and meditate over your top choices on your list and select your number one choice for your purpose. If the spirit moves you to follow your purpose, then walk out on faith and make your dreams a reality!

I followed these same steps in finding my purpose. I decided to walk out on faith when writing my novels. I found that my purpose in life is to speak, write, and to give the positive message from the spirit out to the public. Remember finding purpose in ones life is a constant process that changes as you grow. Purpose gives you guidance and leads you along your spiritual path in life.

Kimberly S. Phillips

About the Author

   Kimberly S. Phillips, this week's guest author 

The above is excerpted from "Purpose Lies Within". All of Ms. Phillip's books are based on dreams. Ms. Phillips is also a motivational speaker who conducts workshops through out the country. "Purpose Lies Within: A Motivational Book For The Heart And Soul" is now available through Messenger Publishing. Kimberly Phillips believes that finding purpose is a continuous process that changes as you grow as an individual. Her gentle voice combined with directness, honesty, humor, and flair makes her Purpose Lies Within Program and Workshops both informative and entertaining. Through her seminars, she spreads the positive message of finding purpose.

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